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Title: USA Cities I've taught in, since the 1990s
Post by: Hock on April 15, 2021, 10:57:56 AM
26 Years of SFC/FN traveling.
Two, three years traveling before that - JKD and FMA.
Seminars. 25th anniversary of the SFC/FN teaching this year. BUT, a few more years before that going around teaching Arnis and JKD. Years a' traveling, maybe...27 or 28 years all toll? For the heck of it, the nostalgia of it, I made a list of US locations. Some 165 and counting US cities and bases, and a number of them, Many times over.

Many times? Like Denver to name one, since the 90s - maybe 25 times there? 30 times? But on the city list, "Denver Metro" counts as one location in the 175-plus city list below. When I say "metro" that could mean several events-cities within a metro area. For example in the category of Dallas-Ft Worth (DFW) that is MANY cities inside the DFW metroplex. In 2016 alone in DFW, I did a series of monthly knife progression theme seminars in 10 different DFW cities.

In terms of the US military, I have been a paid teacher/consultant for the Army, Air Force, Navy-Marines and even the Coast Guard in the USA (and overseas, a coming-soon list, US bases in Guam, Germany and the Middle East - or as they like to call "Southwest Asia")

I now realize that I have taught in every state except 6, Vermont, South Carolina, New Hampshire, Utah, North Dakota and Montana. Six of the 50 states. The flip side of that, that means my clodhoppers have trounced in 44 states. Jane says I should make it a point to try and get in those 6 before...before...to what end, though? Really?

I will probably never be able to count up the actual seminars themselves in these locations, just the locations. These USA locales include civilian courses, police courses and military bases. It must number up to be near or about 400 actual seminars?

Next comes the international cities list here on another link.
I need your help to see if I forgot any. For just an example of forgetfulness there are still two cities in New Jersey, one southwest, one way north and central, I just can't remember the city names. These have been for civilians, military and police. Usually they are a mix of these folks.

When frequently asked where my favorite place to go is? I always say...home.

Collected so far (awaiting your memories and clarifications):
Alabama, Birmingham - (several times)
Alabama, Florence
Alabama, Huntsville - (many, many times)

Alaska, Anchorage (several times)

Arizona, Phoenix metro area (many times)
Arizona, Stafford (several times, police)
Arizona, Tucson
Arizona, Sahuarita (several times)
Arizona, Parker (Sheriff's Office, several times)

Arkansas, Jonesboro
Arkansas, Little Rock (several times)
Arkansas, Pine Bluff
Arkansas, Waldron

California, 29 Palms Marine Base
California, Camp Pendleton, Marine base (many times)
California, Concord (UFC flagship gym several times)
California, Los Angeles "Metro" (so many, places & times)
California, Modesto (several times)
California, Oakland (several times)
California, Sacramento (many times)
California, San Diego Metro area (many, many times)
California, San Diego Police Academy
California, San Jose
California, San Leandro (many, many times)
California, Pleasanton (many times)

Colorado, Denver Metro area (So many places & times)
Colorado, Fort Collins

Connecticut, Boston Metro (many, many times)
Connecticut, Norwich

Delaware, Hockessin (many, many times)

Florida, Fort Walton Beach
Florida, Tampa Bay
Florida, Vero Beach (many, many  times)

Georgia, Atlanta Metro area (several times)
Georgia, Brunswick
Georgia, Cummings (several times)
Georgia, Jonesboro
Georgia, Rome
Georgia, Savannah (several times)
Georgia, Tifton
Georgia, Valdosta (several times, regional police only)

Hawaii, Honolulu (several times) (civilians and SWAT)

Idaho, Coeur d' Alene area
Idaho, Lewiston

Illinois, Chicago metro area (many times & places)
Illinois, Libertyville (many, many times)
Illinois, Naval Station, Great Lakes (US Navy)
Illinois, Romeoville (many, many times)

Indiana, Evansville
Indiana, Indianapolis
Indiana, Kokomo (many times)
Indiana, Seymour

Iowa, Fort Dodge Army Base
Iowa, Cedar Rapids
Iowa, Davenport
Iowa, Marion

Kansas, Oberlin
Kansas, Wichita

Kentucky, Florence (many times)
Kentucky, Louisville (several times & places)

Louisiana, Baton Rouge
Louisiana, Shreveport (twice)
Louisiana, Monroe (several times)
Louisiana, Ruston

Maine, Bangor

Maryland, Annapolis Naval Academy (many, many times)
Maryland, Baltimore metro (many, many times)

Michigan, (a mid-sized city police academy-can't remember)
Michigan, Detroit (several times)
Michigan, Grand Rapids (several times & places)
Michigan, Jackson
Michigan, Kalamazoo (many, many times & places within)
Michigan, Stevensville
Michigan, Benton Harbor
Michigan, Coloma

Minnesota, Alexandria

Mississippi, Meridian (many, many times)

Missouri, Branson
Missouri, Excelsior Springs
Missouri, Independence (many, many times)
Missouri, Kansas City metro (many, times)
Missouri, Springfield
Missouri, St. Louis (several times)
Missouri, Fulton (Westminster College, several times)
Missouri, Columbia

Nevada, Henderson
Nevada, Las Vegas (many, many, many times)
Nevada, Nellis Air Force Base (several times)
Nevada, Pahrump, Front Site
Nevada, Indian Falls
University of Nevada, Las Vegas (several times)

New Jersey, Clifton
New Jersey, Atlantic City (many times)
New Jersey, Belmawr
New Jersey, Englishtown
New Jersey, Fort Lee
New Jersey, Hamilton area (many, many times)
New Jersey, Lambertville (many times)
New Jersey, Lindenwold

New Mexico, Albuquerque (several times)

New York, Buffalo
New York, Manhattan
New York, Rochester

North Carolina, Asheville
North Carolina (northeast side, small city, can't remember)
North Carolina, Charlotte (several times)
North Carolina, Garner (several times)
North Carolina, Greenville
North Carolina, Mt Olive
North Carolina, Murphy
North Carolina, Raleigh (several times)

Ohio, Blanchester
Ohio, Cincinnati  (many, many, many times)
Ohio, Cleveland metro area (several times)
Ohio, Cleveland SEALE Police Academy (several times)
Ohio, Dayton
Ohio, Miamisburg

Oklahoma, Altus
Oklahoma, Chickasha (several times)
Oklahoma, Lawton, (several times)
Oklahoma, Oklahoma City
Oklahoma, Tahlequah (many times)

Oregon, Eugene (several times)

Pennsylvania, Abington (several times)
Pennsylvania, Erie
Pennsylvania, Kennett Square (several times)
Pennsylvania, Newtown (several times)
Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh (police only and civilians)

Rhode Island, Johnston (many times)
Rhode Island, North Kingston
Rhode Island, Providence

South Dakota, Sioux Falls (several times)

Tennessee, Chattanooga (several times)
Tennessee, Murphysboro (many times)
Tennessee, Nashville (many times)
Tennessee, Tullahoma (so many times)
Tennessee, Knoxville (several times)
Tennessee, Memphis (several times)
Tennessee, Jackson

Texas, Georgetown (many times)
Texas, Abilene (so many times)
Texas, Brownsville
Texas, Bryan
Texas, Dallas (had a school there - Dallas Gun Club)
Texas, Dallas-Ft Worth Metro area (numerous times)
Texas, Denton (School there, Golds Gym, 1989 to 1996)
Texas, Denton County FEMA (assigned military police)
Texas, El Paso
Texas, Garland (several times) (civilians & SWAT team)
Texas, Houston (many, many, many times)
Texas, Lackland Air Force Base (many times)(SWAT & MPs)
Texas, Katy (several times)
Texas, Richmond, (several times)
Texas, Lewisville (had a school there)
Texas, Nacogdoches
Texas, San Angelo (several times)
Texas, Texoma Police Academy (many, many, many times-police only)
Texas, Sherman (martial arts-civilians)
Texas, Austin, (several times)
Texas, Kerrville
Texas, San Antonio (many, many times)
Texas, Webster (many times)
Texas, Manheim KR Training Range (several times)

Virginia, Fredericksburg (many times)
Virginia, Norfolk (many places & times)
Virginia, Quantico Marine base
Virginia, TRADOC Army base
Virginia, Radford (Karate College)

Washington DC metro area (many, many times)
Washington, Kennewick (a few times)
Washington, Seattle (a few times)

Wisconsin, Milwaukee (several times)
Wisconsin, Waukesha (several times) (citizens and SWAT)

West Virginia, Philippi (several times)

Wyoming, Casper(several times)
Title: Re: USA Cities I've taught in, since the 1990s
Post by: Jeth on April 21, 2021, 04:02:39 PM
Wow - what a list!
Great also to be back looking at this forum - Such a great resource pre - "zuckerbook". I hope there's a "future plan" for it.
Title: Re: USA Cities I've taught in, since the 1990s
Post by: Jeth on April 21, 2021, 04:37:18 PM
There was some great content here and some quality instructors posting too. I miss the format of a forum - longer posts, debate etc.