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  • January 22, 2021, 01:05:36 AM
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 on: April 20, 2014, 05:35:37 PM 
Started by Bryan - Last post by JimH
Mr Walker,
if you can access the professional Soldier site ,run A search for JimH and you will see my info on the several posts I have made.
I believe I have talked of years in ,company and team,along with members.
Also I believe Team Sergeant is a moderator of the site,perhaps he can give you the info I used to get vetted to be a member of the site.

For some reason I have never been able to use the contact / email on this site. if I could I would have no problem giving you what ever info you want.

Sorry,not running from anything,especially not your inquiry,just not comfortable putting all my eggs in one basket where anyone can take my credentials and use them on their site or as part of their life story.
that is why I am not on Facebook,Twitter or any other thing,aside form a few sites.

I know what state you live in,give me two initials of the city and I will gladly call you if you want.
if you can use this sites email / contact ,send me a contact message and I will gladly write back.

See I am not you ,where you have put all your info out there in books,articles,stories and the such.
As said I believe I gave you the information you ask for ,just not at one time on one page,or on one thread.
again sorry for what you take as evading you.

 on: April 20, 2014, 12:23:31 PM 
Started by Bryan - Last post by JimH
I don't want to play what anymore ?

this is an open forum and I am not going to put my name and all my info out there in one piece so other a holes can use my info and  service.

Again my info is out there on this forum,you are a researcher ,do the research.
I told you I served in the  USMC and in SF.
I told you where and when. It is all on these pages ,on this forum so you don't have to go far.

I am not playing anything.
I did my time in the USMC and accomplished a lot and was rewarded for it.
I also did my time in the Army and was rewarded by them with an 18C mos. Enough so to do the job and if I had stayed in another  12 years would have been with some of my friends who did the extra time and been in Iraq and Afghanistan with them.

As said I have been through being checked out,because Jim Wagner and others did not like my outing them. Done through research and piecing crap together.
I don't care if you check me out.
I am and have done what I say.
If you check me out ,when done please come on and acknowledge the fact that I am what I say I am,and don't leave it like I am a Liar or fraud.

much appreciated
Semper Fi

 on: April 20, 2014, 11:52:23 AM 
Started by Hock - Last post by JimH
Some sayings from an interesting site which I and I am sure many of you would agree with:
 Truth does not sell as well as BS?

Combatives  are all Theory unless one has been tested and has come out the other side.

Nothing is NEW.

These saying fit the GBJJ system as created and marketed.

They changed what they learned from JUDO to Gracie Jujitsu and had the stories of all the street bouts and their never having lost line,lol.

Their art was never truly tested by them ,as in real confrontations,as every bout was contracted with their own rules,even in their supposed street bouts.

Their ,supposed,art is not theirs nor their creation,it is JUDO as taught from the ground as they were not good at stand up.
I Agree with Rev. Bodhi and have spoken in Simlar terms on this site and others in regards to Gracie Jujitsu,which is actually JUDO,as taught by Madea and which according to his book,Madea meant it never to be taught by the Gracie's. Their version is primarily Newaza,ground work as they are not good at stand up. They never even gave credit to Madea as being the one who taught them,until some inquired and Madea's book came out and they were forced to acknlowledge him.

Their art was to cover all bases ,sport,fitness,street and it does not,that is why a few years ago the younger Gracie's came out with a street defense version of GBJJ,but it is still mostly the same ground stuff.

Several of the Gracies even went off to study other arts to improve their fight game and specifically to improve their self defense,with Royce studying Hapkido.

my opinion

 on: April 20, 2014, 10:27:02 AM 
Started by Bryan - Last post by SabreActual
As for outing phony SF/SEAL and other frauds -

Team Sergeant and I at ProfessionalSoldiers have talked in the past.

This is the latest phony "green beret" I assisted in putting to bed - in conjunction with what was then a long going police investigation (Bend Police Department, Bend, Oregon).

In the same town (where I lived and worked for 10 years) I outed phony SEAL Dennis Chapman.  I hooked up with the reporter of this article on Chapman's alleged murder of his mother in AZ before coming to Bend -

Then busted him out on local television and in the paper (Bend Bulletin, Veterans Day, 1990) which Paul Rubin at New Times in AZ followed with his article.  In the Spring 1991 issue of Fighting Knives Magazine, for which was the editor, I ran a full feature to include Chapman's DD214. 

All these documented stories got Chapman the honor of being included in the first edition of "Stolen Valor".

In all, over the years, I believe I've tallied about 17 such assists.

Point being - if anyone has a track record of  smoking out SOF frauds I do.

MDE never claimed to be anything other than what he was.  Even Mike  Janich would attest to that and in a recent  email to me he offered my investigative work on this subject was "outstanding".

And please don't go there with the "smoke and mirrors" regarding Reserve/NG SF Soldiers and Service - again, just "Stand and Deliver" about your own background.

I served in both Active, Reserve and NG SF units.  One combat campaign with Active and one with the 19th (OIF).  I was DIMA with the 3rd Group, 10th and 5th over the course of my career.

I worked directly for MG Ken Bowra when he was USASFC Commander and needed this little bit of work done  on behalf of our community -

You likely dug the "Special Forces Underground" - if so, sorry about that 8)

When I retired in 2005 I was awarded the Washington National Guard Legion of Merit for my service with Company A, 1/19th Special Forces Group (Airborne), Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Two of those I served with in Kuwait and Iraq were later KIA in Iraq.  One was a brother law enforcement officer in civilian life - I attended his funeral -

"Stand and Deliver!" - Oh, that's right, you're not going there are you?

 on: April 20, 2014, 09:58:01 AM 
Started by Bryan - Last post by SabreActual
Again, lots of gorilla dust but no gold ;)

You and MJ had no problem jumping in together on James Webb -

Until someone called you on it -

Now it's not so fun anymore, is it?

(Cyber) Bullies are like that, yeah, they really are >:(

So, from your end, you don't want to play anymore, correct?

And from MJ's end he clearly doesn't want to provide (and he could do so privately by email to me, of course) what his last rank was in the Army before he got out...his MOS...what he means by "team leader" in his public bio / profile...nor apparently why - if true - he was PNG'd from Vietnam.

Like I said...not so much fun any more when you the ones called to "Stand and Deliver!".


 on: April 19, 2014, 12:27:42 PM 
Started by FM451 - Last post by SabreActual
Keeping the record straight -

Recently featured a brief on-line piece exerpted by Mike Echanis' Collection edition.

The e-article is an adaptation from the Echanis Family authorized 2010
"The Complete Michael D. Echanis Collection" from Black Belt Books.

Also offered was a free download of an e-book titled "Michael D. Echanis - The Life and Times of the Army Ranger Training Expert and Hwa Rang Do Ambassador".

Michael Janich was given as the e-book's byline.

I contacted MJ and then Bob Young, editor at Black Belt Magazine as the article was a re-write of Mike's 2010 Black  Belt article, an article  out of date as to new and documented / properly attributed information about Echanis.

MJ sent a note offering he hadn't seen the e-book and knew nothing about it nor that it had been put online in this form with his byline.

Bob Young sent a note sharing "in the digital age, "free e-book" and "free guide" = repurposed magazine article." 

Apparenly someone in the marketing department converted the 2010 article into a "repurposed" article, added a few new pictures (non-credited) and put it on the website.

As it was a marketing gig when you down-loaded the "free" e-book you began receiving marketing information about Black Belt and its products.  I guess nothing is truly free after all ;D

As of this note Black Belt has removed the e-book from the webpage (

A big "Thank you" to Bob Young for cleaning this up. 8)

 on: April 19, 2014, 08:05:32 AM 
Started by Hock - Last post by SabreActual
I met Rickson Gracie and interviewed / trained an afternoon with him many years ago. 

When I asked him what was his favorite technique he said "My SIG 220!"

Rickson was Royce's trainer up until Rickson got tired of the silliness going on in his own family.

He knew the deal and wasn't afraid to tell it like it was.  We published the interview complete with the 220 quote in Full Contact Magazine.

 on: April 17, 2014, 09:54:18 AM 
Started by FM451 - Last post by SabreActual
From Pg 12 on this thread reference Echanis' militay history per FOIA.  No sense to repeat what is already posted to respond to your question, JH.

Postscript -

Per the National Personnel Records Center, Michael Dick Echanis received the following awards and decorations during his military service to the Nation:

Bronze Star with "V" Device for Valor

Purple Heart

Good Conduct Medal

National Defense Service Medal

Parachute Badge

Vietnam Service Medal w 2 Bronze Service Stars

Combat Infantryman Badge

Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal w Device (1960)

The Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross w Palm Device

Republic of Vietnam Civil Actions Medal

Marksmanship Badge, Army (Rifle)

Echanis' Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) in the Army was 11B1P, or Infantryman/Parachutist.

He entered the Army on May 12, 1969.

He attended Basic Training at Fort Ord, California; Airborne Advanced Individual Training (INF) at Fort Gordon, GA; Airborne School at Fort Benning, GA.

He did not attend Ranger School.

He did attend Phase 1, Special Forces Training, at Fort Bragg, NC with a start date of 25 October 1969.  He was removed from training, reasons not given, on 21 January 1970.

On March 23, 1970, MDE was assigned to Company C, 75th Ranger Infantry, I Field Force Vietnam USARPAC.  His assigned Principle Duty was as a Scout - Observer.

On May 6, 1970, then Specialist 4 Michael D Echanis participated in a combat action with his unit that resulted in his being wounded no fewer than four times. 

His first wound was to his left foot, the second was a head wound resulting from bullet fragmentation.  This wound partially blinded him.  The third wound occurred when a bullet struck him in his right foot and embedded itself in his right calf.  Despite now being wounded three times Echanis, now firing from inside the truck he'd been a passenger in, "drew a hail of enemy fire" because of his continued resistance and was wounded a fourth time.

His citation reads "Specialist Echanis continued to fight until the beleagured truck was relieved."

He was awarded the U.S. Bronze Star with "V" Device (Valor) for this action.  As well as the accompanying Vietnamese valor awards noted earlier.

Echanis was medically retired from the Army on December 18, 1970. 

His retiring rank was that of Private First Class. 

Apparently he got into a bit of trouble during his recovery/rehabilitation phase at Letterman Army Hospital, San Francisco, California .

On September 8, 1978, Michael D Echanis died while engaged in combat operations as a trainer/security contractor to the then government of Nicaragua.  He is buried in Ontario, Oregon.

With that - this link will take you to the website I referred to.  This is the same association Tactical Knives editor belongs to as he served in Vietnam as LRP/ranger with E Co/Charlie Ranger.  The site is restricted to members at this time - contact the Administrator or Steve Dick - and ask for the specific posts made reference Mike.  These are memories about Mike's antics at the in-country field hospital when some of his fellow rangers came to visit him before he was shipped on to Japan -

Also wounded from C Company, 75th Rangers, with Echanis were SSG Eddie Roberts, SP4 Alfred Carr, SP4 Robert Ladeaux and PFC Mark Laughton (General Orders #104, Department of the Army, HQ, 17th Field Hospital, Vietnam - dated May 7, 1970.

Until my research no one knew of the other 6 Soldiers' names, ranks, units of assignment or SSNs until the Echanis Family provided me with a copy of the Purple Heart orders on which all are listed.

  All four were, like Echanis, assigned to the unit.  For SSG Eddie Roberts it was his second Purple Heart.  Both the truck driver and assistant driver were likewise wounded.  I have their names, as well, and unit of assignment at the time of the ambush.

And I have the daily log for C-75 on the date the ambush occurred with entry, as I have posted before.  That came from an independent source other than the Echanis Family.

I note in referencing Gary O's book (Pg 55) that he, at the time of his final assignment to E Co/Charlie Ranger was rank wise a PFC.  "When my lieutenant found that out, he immediately put me in for corporal, and I finally made E-5, but most of the time I was there I was a private (Page 55, American Warrior).

When Mike Echanis arrived in Vietnam and was assigned to Charlie Ranger he was a Specialist 4th Class. He out-ranked O'Neal, apparenlty.  O'Neal by his own account (Page 96) states he had been promoted to Specialist 4 by the time he recieved his alleged Silver Star on 10 August 1970. 

In short, by Army standards, Mike Echanis out-ranked Gary O'Neal while the two of them were assigned to C Company (Ranger) prior to Mike's wounding and evac to the states.  I'm sure O'Neal didn't dig that at all.

As for all this "ranger/Ranger" stuff -

Again, from Gary O in his book as he describes himself while assigned to C Co, 75th Infantry (Ranger).

Page 98:  "Although I'd been designated a Ranger (note upper case "R") while I was in country, I was not officially Ranger qualified.  I couldn't wear the black and gold tab, although I was permitted to wear the Charlie Company 75th Rangers patch."

Historically this was the case for many, many LRPs and VN Ranger company members.  They were not school trained / qualified, or "short tabbed".  It has been a bone of contention for many of  them since to be considered non-Rangers despite their service as such in the VN Ranger companies.

Mike Echanis, likewise, was - as with O'Neal - a volunteer for Charlie Rangers and assigned (as a Scout-Observer on his 2-1) to the unit.  If Gary's observation hold true for him (...I'd been designated a Ranger while in-county", then it holds true for any and all who were so assigned to include Mike Echanis.

Again, this is from O'Neal's own book and mouth.

Further, on Page 100, O'Neal describes how he volunteered to attend Ranger School at Ft Benning after he left Vietnam in December 1970.  One of his RIs, who had served with him in C Co (RGR) in Vietnam asked him "What the hell are you doing here?"

O'Neal responds, "I'm going through Ranger School because I'm sick and tired of these shake and bakes telling me I'm not Ranger qualified, even though I got more than two years of Rangers in Vietnam.  That bullshit ends right here."

In essence, JimH, Gary O'Neal, by his own account, considered himself to be a Ranger in Vietnam although he was not school qualified.  When he did volunteer for Ranger School, after his return from Vietnam, he still considered himself as such but knew he wanted/needed to get "tabbed".

By O'Neal's own standards as stated in his book he would have to consider any LRP/Ranger assigned to Charlie Company in Vietnam as being a "Ranger".  This would include Echanis.

I note that when O'Neal left VN in December 1970, Mike Echanis was at Letterman Hospital in San Francicso, in-patient, recovering from his wounds while received with Charlie Company, 75th Ranger Infantry.  He would remain in-patient for several more months, the  go out-patient until medically retired at 100% disability in early 1971, per his records.

Check the book and Page references noted - it's there in black and white ;)

Next up - Why didn't Gary O provide in-country security for Mike's mom and dad when they visited Managua several weeks after their son's death and met him there?

 on: April 16, 2014, 02:16:32 PM 
Started by Hock - Last post by JimH
Very Nice clip of Mr Scott.
the rest of his series is also very informative.

there is another set of clips on that YouTube page called
Commando: Britain's Elite of WW2 ,part 2 of 12 also shows so Vet Commando doing defensive tactics and knife work with the FAS knife .

 on: April 16, 2014, 02:03:08 PM 
Started by Bryan - Last post by JimH
I love how web sites are un professional and you are all over them looking for people to acknowledge knowing Mr Echanis.
Not much luck though.
I also like how much knowledge ,you,as the Echanis historian had when you first came on here,lol.
I guess before you got that record  on Mike ,you were a professional with so many facts, (if you believe that go back and read your posts).
MY un professional approach seems to have gotten you far enough to contact the people I mentioned to you ,lol.

My reference to the professional soldier site was in reference to Mr Webb as the men on there did the research ,ran his name and proved he lied,About being a Ranger and SF qualified.
others worked with him on MIA Matters ,and they said relatives said Mr Webb took money from them. I believe they even have the name/s listed.
These men,their names and associations  with Mr Webb are all listed on professional Soldiers site. Sgt Major Lupyak ran one of the searches on Webb,as stated on that site.
AGain,unless you have a way to get those documents then people at the scene ,with knowledge of the event are your resource, (like on the police department,records are made from interviews)as are the names of people around Echanis,as you do not have documents to back up most claims ,only the little from records and hear say,hear say which is similar to posts on sites.(funny my un professional research has ended up posted by you on other sites and wiki,lol.)

Unless I do my home work I will be embarrassed.
Show me my errors and where I have been embarrassed.
(I am also an agitator,lol.)
Better look back at your post,as your view point was the same as mine,Echanis was not SF and did not attend Ranger school,you were also unsure if jump qualified,lol. Are you embarrassed of your un documented,unprofessional views / opinions ?
 Your goal is to make Echanis into some super warrior and he was not.
You must keep trying,so much so you will attack anyone who goes counter to your view /opinion.

You want to run me ,like you did Mike Echanis  ? Go ahead.
You want me to stand and deliver,lol. Why ?
I have not offered to make money selling a product or a course or a book ,using my military career as a sales point.

Can Echanis and or Webb ,or many of the other fakes and frauds selling courses and books claiming to be SF,Rangers,SWAT,Marines say the same?

 Did Echanis deliver proof of SF ? No he Quit.
Prove of being a Ranger ? No, (people still trying to connect him some how.) aS pointed out in another post as of Feb 1970 one had to be a LRRP or a graduate of Ranger school to be called a Ranger,not just attached to a unit.
Is there any PROOF in the records that says he was a Ranger or a LRRP allowed to be be termed Ranger ?  No . You are associating him with a unit and making your own conclusion. you say his 2-1 says he was a Scout Observer. Is that a LRRP ? No.  Is that a graduate of the Ranger school ? No. So how does Mr Echanis fit the criteria ? The requirements were / Are set forth in writing,so where is the documented proof of LRRP or Ranger school grad to  make the claim he was a RANGER ?

Did Jim Webb deliver ?  Did he prove SF before you defended him ?
Did he prove Ranger ?  No on either case as he did not attend SFQC,not even as a phase one and quit as Echanis,but MR Webb himself says he Wanted To attend SFQC but higher ups denied him the chance. NOT Special Forces,just Military Intelligence that worked with SF?

My name is on this forum in many places.
Sorry I will not put specifics of my life story on here ,an open forum,all tied together with name,schools dates,addresses and social security for you to RUN me.
I have already told you i served with the USMC and I told you what unit I served with within SF.
you asked did I serve with Active ,reserve or guard and I have previously given you this information and years served.
Since you served active and guard,and went active into harms way with both do you have a problem with the capabilities of any of these men,as they all have ,since 2001 ,served in Iraq,Afghanistan and other places.
I have given you more info than most,locate it and then you will have the answers  all tied together.

The J McDonald piece is on page  12 of the new Drop


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